Oaks Park Haunted House Attraction

Oaks Park Haunted House Attraction

Thursday, Oct 29, 2020 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm


The Oaks Park Haunted Drive-Thru is a new and innovative take on the classic Haunted House experience combining new scare techniques with theatrical story-telling.

Enjoy the same Halloween frights and terrifying thrills you have come to know and love now from the safety of your own vehicle. Become part of the show as characters are front and center leading you through a unique storytelling experience as spine tingling audio, video, and special effects surround you like never before.

We strive to offer a safe, socially distant, and entertaining atmosphere for everyone this Halloween season. This event strictly follows all state/county pandemic guidance and has been approved by the Oregon Governor's Office.

This event is produced by the twisted minds that brought you the Clark County ScareGrounds.

Unique Attractions
Choose from 5 all new bone chilling experiences, each designed to make you scream this holiday.

High Impact Shows
Become apart of the show and witness the terror as a theatrical performance unfold all around you.

100% Contactless
Join us this October and experience all the socially distant fun from the safety of your own vehicle.

Pick Your Experience

The Condemned
Before the founding of Portland, the area was occupied by scattered pockets of frontiersmen, fur trappers, traders, and other sordid sorts. Criminals, murders and thieves fleeing justice back east would shroud themselves in the anonymity of the wild and untamed frontier. Over generations one such family has remained isolated and carries on the terrible traditions of their forefathers, stalking the woods and marshes of Oaks Bottom, seeking the easy prey of modern men.

Night Terrors
An old abandoned circus that once occupied the grounds where Oaks Park stands today has recently resurfaced with evidence of a dark and sinister past. This traveling circus was home to a murderous troop of degenerates who used the bright and cheery atmosphere to lure in unsuspecting victims for the purpose of selling them to passing ships as crew. The practice is known as Shanghaiing. The motley clad crew of vagrants would isolate and subdue their victims in the labyrinthine tangle of tents and wagons and those that weren't suitable for sale at port would discover a truly terrible fate at the hands of their captors. Today they have returned to Oaks Park to continue their evil ways.

Site 13
Testing Site 13 was part of the network of FEMA camps hastily set up to help identify and contain the spread of a new and little understood fungal outbreak. Patients infected with the fungus slip into a deep sleep and it's unknown how the fungus infects its victims or what it does once they succumb to its dark embrace. Contact with Site 13 on the banks of the Willamette was abruptly cut off and the last transmission repeats on a constant loop, a mysterious warning to those that would seek answers to what befell those doctors and scientists at the site. It seems as though the head of field research was on the cusp of a breakthrough when something very unexpected happened.

Green Run Asylum
The mysterious Dr. Engel arrived at the Green Run Asylum late in his career, after receiving much notoriety for pioneering radical and groundbreaking treatments for a number of illnesses. He would take his residence in the Eastern Wing of the facility where he was allowed to work in secret. Only a few of his most trusted orderlies and the subjects of his experiments were allowed access. Years of experiments were shrouded in secrecy until one tragic night when fire engulfed the campus and all those inside perished in the cruel flames. First responders discovered a trove of torment unlike anything they could have fathomed. Determined to keep the secret of Green Run they all swore a vow of silence and let the earth reclaim the evidence of Dr. Engel's depravity. Years after the destruction of Green Run, the first responders began disappearing, one by one, never to be seen again.

Hill House
There's an ancient house with a dark and terrible history that is all but forgotten in the area, the steady mark of time trampling out all but rumor as to what befell the original inhabitants. Some say they were medlers in the dark arts, wizards and sorcerers seeking forbidden truths, some say simple commonplace criminals that got a just reward for a life and fortune derived from lawlessness and decadence. Still others whispered of a calamitous curse cast on the family. To this day, no one knows the truth, but the people from the area avoid the house at all costs. Many say the family still continues their mysterious ways, roaming the halls and terrifying guests for an eternity. It's up to our visitors to uncover the truth and finally lay to rest the mystery of the Haunted Mansion.

$15 per person in a standard 5-passenger car
Peak Hours (7-8:30pm): $79.99
Slasher Hours (9pm-close): $69.99
Matinee (Family Friendly) Hours: $69.99