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Echo Skate Park

Echo Skate Park
10 West Main Street

The Echo Skatepark is a modern skateboard, BMX and inline skate facility. Grants and donations provided funds to build the park.


 - Skate at your own risk. The city does not assume responsibility for injuries. This facility is not supervised. Skateboards, BMX bikes & inline skates only.
 - The use of protective equipment, including Helmets, Knee and Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards is Strongly recommended.
 - Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, and glass containers are Not allowed.
 - No bullying.
 - No vandalism, graffiti, littering or stickers will be tolerated.
 - Use the broom provided to keep the park clear of debris.
 - Skate respectfully.
 - Remember this is Your park. If you want it to stay open, you must take care of it and police it. Do not tag it. Do not litter. Respect it and the effort everyone in the community and surrounding area made to give it to you.
 - No homemade or additional obstacles or other materials, like ramps and jumps, may be used at the skate park.
 - Be respectful of other park users and neighbors. Moderate your language, keep music volume down. Give respect and it comes back to you.
 - Please use the trash containers provided. True skaters trash their wheels and boards, Not their skate park.

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