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Mingus Park

Mingus Park
North 8th Street and Commercial Avenue

The park has a lake as its centerpiece with an arboretum on the northwest side of the lake, the city's municipal pool to the north; playgrounds to the south, and an oriental flower garden to the west. Mingus Park is a favorite with walkers who stroll along the paved trail that borders the water. Aquatic birds make the lake a home the year around, and visitors often bring bread scraps to feed them. Fountains in the center of the lake are lit with underwater lights at night, making them a beautiful feature in the late evening.

Land for Mingus Park was acquired through donations form the Perham Park Company and Joseph F. Williams in 1925. Additional land was purchased in later years. Originally the park was called Marshfield City Park and in 1937 the Parks Commission passed a resolution changing the name to Mingus Park in honor of local resident Dr. Everett Mingus. As chair of the Parks Commission, Dr. Mingus was instrumental in the park's development.

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