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Government Camp - Mt Hood Cultural Center and Museum

88900 East Highway 26

Mission Statement: The Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum strengthens community, fosters arts and letters, and protects, stabilizes and showcases all aspects of the history of Mt. Hood. With interpretive exhibits, educational programming, and the arts, the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum promotes an understanding about our shared history and the challenges of our future.

Core Values and Beliefs: Mt. Hood is a significant icon of the Pacific Northwest.
Mt. Hood is a destination for tourist from around the world.
Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum preserves and showcases the rich history of Mt. Hood for future generations.
Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum preserves and promotes the recreational legacy of Mt. Hood.
Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum provides the community a venue in which to enjoy arts, lectures, performing arts, education, and community social events.
Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum is an archival resource for interested citizens and scholars world-wide.


Zeb Yaklich

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
If Mt Hood history is your passion the Mt Hood Cultural Center & Museum is the place for you! There is something for everyone who loves mountains, snowboarding, ski history, military history, US history, local history and anyone interested in Mt Hood's incredible link to the great migration West! There is a great deal of exhibits throughout the museuem that showcase the photographers of Mount Hood's past.Other exhibits include a pair of the oldest known modern twin tip skis from the 1930's! Add to that snowboards dating back decades, mountaineering equipment brought from Europe in the late 1800's and Early 20th century, military operation dating from WWII, programs from President Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" and I guarantee all US and Mount Hood history enthusiasts will be blown away by the rich stories this majestic mountain and her surrounding communities have had and still offer! Checkout their website for events such as the "Ski The Glade" a historical event that is known as a "Living History Ski Tour"! There are regular oral history events at the museum and there is always a friendly curator to at the museum to share the history of Mt Hood with you. Highly recommend for families!

olena sorkina

Thursday, March 29, 2018
I liked this place was very interesting and informative. I recommend to visit.

Gary Standke

Monday, Sep. 11, 2017
Fun museum of the history of the region. Great iron work displays, local ski clubs stuff, history of mountain rescue stuff. Very well organized and labeled. We spent about an hour to see all the exhibits. They do ask yo to leave at 4:30 pm so they can close the doors by 5 pm

Sakshi Sharma

Friday, April 20, 2018
If u are in the area and have some free time , why not... But its too small not much to see. We went there as we had some time before the 🎿 lessons starts...

devesh chugh

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
Good meusum. Free. Good details of skiing history and how it came to US.

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