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Redmond Skate Park

Redmond Skate Park
15th St. and Antler St.

 - Skate at your own risk. City assumes no responsibility for injuries or accidents.
 - Skateboards and inline skates only. No bicycles, scooters or motorized vehicles allowed.
 - The use of protective equipment, including helmets, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards is strongly recommended.
 - Any vandalism including graffiti or illegal conduct will result in loss of use privileges and possible prosecution. (Redmond City code 5.314 and 5.315)
 - Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, and glass containers are not allowed.
 - Be respectful of other park users and neighbors. Moderate your language:  Keep noise down.
 - Additional obstacles or other materials, like ramps and jumps, may not be used at the skate park.

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