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Sam-O Park

Sam-O Park is located at the east end of Baker Street. It encompasses approximately 3.34 acres. Sam-O Park is located in the site of a hot springs. Amenities on the property include Sam-O Swim Center, a skate park, gazebo, green space, and a basketball court that can be converted to an ice skating rink in the winter.

In the mid 1990's Baker City designed and constructed a basketball court southeast of the swim center. The design of the court slopes slightly toward the center with a drain line attached. This helps to keep water from accumulating on the court. In the winter, with the drain plugged, the court can be flooded, creating Baker City's only ice skating rink.

Also around the mid 1990's the City constructed what would be the first of many phases of the Sam-O Skate Park. The City, various organizations, and many individuals have worked to provide expansion of the skate park through fund raising, grant applications, and volunteering labor and equipment. The Sam-O Skate Park continues to be a work in progress. Local businesses and citizens continue to work with the City in efforts to improve and expand the skate park.

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