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Sea Lion Caves

Sea Lion Caves
91560 Highway 101

About Us:

Sea Lion Caves is nature's home for wild sea lions and a variety of sea birds. Sea Lion Caves is located 11 miles North of Florence on the Oregon Coast. The vast cavern with the roar of the great Stellar sea lions, the cries of the wailing birds, and the restless surge of the ocean into the cave below, form an unforgettable experience. The caves recently marked their 80th year of steadfastly, protecting, preserving, and making the awe and wonder of America's largest sea cave both safe for its animal residents and accessible to the people who come to learn about and cherish them. Since 1932 it has remained a memorable family experience. Multiple generations now have ridden the elevator through 200 feet of solid rock to visit, and come to know the special inhabitants of this unique environment.

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