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West Coast Game Park Safari

West Coast Game Park Safari
46914 U.S. Hwy 101

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Experience West Coast Game Park, the original walk thru Safari, where visitors meet, pet, film, and walk among hundreds of free-roaming wildlife.Visitors of all ages are amazed, entertained and astonished by the original and innovative way of meeting, petting and seeing wildlife. We offer an unsurpassed experience in meeting the wild and a one-of-a-kind, lasting memory in getting to know our animals. While hand raising and presenting the wild has been our specialty, visitors can also expect to see an extensive array of majestic lions, tigers, bears, snow leopards, chimps, black panthers, cougars, lynx, bison, camels, zebras and elk, to name a few.

Pet a cub, a pup or kit, enjoy and meet the many and varied species of youngsters presented by park attendants for an extra special, personal interaction with nature’s wildlife.Thanks entirely to park visitors attendance, West Coast Game Park Safari has become Oregon’s largest, totally self-supporting wildlife attraction, dedicated to propagation, preservation and education, while reminding all that extinction lasts forever.

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