The 10 Best Skate Parks in Oregon!

Oregon is for skaters. The state has a long history of embracing the sport, from the renegade skaters building the skating mecca of Burnside in Portland to the Oregon-based Dream Land Skate Parks that designs and builds world-class skate parks around the world. But in Oregon you never have to travel far before finding some concrete to carve. Here are the 10 best skate parks in the state. 

Klamath Skate Park, Klamath Falls, OR

Built by Dreamland Skate Parks, Klamath Skate Park in Southeast Oregon features five bowls – three of which have pool coping as well as a snake run and a few street elements. The bowls range in difficulty from the aptly named Monster Bowl, a huge bowl full of waves, transitions, and other challenging features, to the Beginner Bowl, a five-foot bowl designed for newbies to learn to drop in and a few basic tricks.

Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park, Tigard, OR

Skating is definitely not a crime in Tigard, where the skate park is named after the former mayor Jim Griffith who advocated to build a park in town. Another example of the excellent work of Dreamland, the 15,000-square-foot park features two bowls, several street features…oh, and a dinosaur.

Ashland Skate Park, Ashland, OR

The Ashland Skate Park opened in 1999 and remains just as popular as ever. The versatile park has a set of three connected bowls ranging from four to nine feet, a single six-foot bowl, a mini snake run, three pyramids including one with a rail, a jersey barrier, and a whole lot more.

Washington-Jefferson Skate Park, Eugene, OR

A trip to the Washington-Jefferson Skate Park in Eugene can lead to a full day of fun. Part of Washington-Jefferson Park which includes basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and food carts, the 23,000-square-foot skate part offers terrain for everyone from beginners to experts under the cover of the I-205 bridge. The skate park is also available to rent for competitions or family gatherings.

West Linn Skate Park, West Linn, OR

Park builders Gridline packed a lot of tricks into the West Linn Skate Park outside of Portland. From continuous bowl runs to street elements, this park has something for everyone and is a great place for beginners to master the basics. 

Chehalem Skate Park, Newberg, OR

In the 90s, over 200 middle school students petitioned to build a skate park where they could hang out and skate, of course. In 2000 Dreamland got to work building the 29,000-square-foot park which features a half pipe, quarter pipe, and beginner area. Rumor is that X-Games and Olympic Gold Medalist, Shawn White has skated the park a few times claiming it to be one of his favorites due to the size and excellent maintenance.

Kirtsis Skatepark, Lincoln City, OR

Another masterpiece from the team at Dreamland, the Kirtsis Skatepark in Lincoln City encompasses 40,000 square-feet and is only open to skaters. The park has tons of features including four bowls, and a snake run and was given a nine out of 10 by Thrasher Magazine. 

Burnside Skatepark, Portland, OR

One of the most iconic skate parks in the world, Burnside was built under the Burnside Bridge a quarter of a century ago by the skateboard community without the permission of the city. Since then, it has been featured in video games (Tony Hawk’s ProSkater) and movies (Free Willy). 

Seaside Skatepark, Seaside, OR

The Oregon Coast attracts tourist from around the world, but in Seaside skates don’t come for the views alone. They are lining up to take their turn in the Seaside Skatepark. This little gem boasts 10,500 square-feet and features multiple bowls and plenty of rails. 

Bud Cross Skatepark, Brookings, OR

This park is made for speed. The center bowl allows for plenty of carving and an Evil Knievel-style launch ramp that will take you over the park beckons daredevils. The park is part of the Bud Cross Complex featuring swimming pools, baseball fields, and tennis courts, and in 2016 the town began to discuss adding a BMX course to the facilities.

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