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Chehalem Skate Park

Chehalem Skate Park
1201 South Blaine Street


It began with a petition from over 200 middleschool youth asking CPRD to build a skatepark. They said they just wanted a place to skate and hang out. The district listened. CPRD hired an architect, and the skateboard park site was established at Ewing Young Historical Park. In July of 1999, underground work began with the drainage, electricity and water systems. The site was roughed out, but the project was shut down in October to wait out the rains. In March of 2000, CPRD hired Dreamland, a young crew of skaters headed by 27-year-old Stefan Hauser, who sculpted concrete waves, bowls, hips, banks and curbs into the world-class design that makes this skatepark one of the largest and best in the world.


Our world-class skatepark features bleachers, a covered picnic area and a playground. The Dundee Skate Park Committee opens the concessions stand on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer to fundraise for the CPRD Dundee Skatepark.

The course features several transfers, both big and small ramps, good vertical, one capsule, one quarter-pipe and one half-pipe. There is also a separate beginner area with small ramps and gentle slopes.

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