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Trail - Lost Creek Lake and Marina

35211 Oregon 62

The Lost Creek Marina sits on the largest lake in Southern Oregon and does not freeze in the winter. Year 'round trout & bass fishing on the lake and up the Rogue River. Fishing & Hunting Licenses sold at Lost Creek Marina. A beautiful swimming/picnicking area surrounded by beautiful, walking and biking trails are available for the whole family to enjoy!


Rene Wiffin

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Horrible experience. Don't bother with anything at this place, it all sucks and the owner is horrid. First off, the campsite looks like a large parking lot. There aren't barriers between you and your camp neighbors. It's barren, dead grass, and very boring. Second, the marina is dilapidated building that should be inspected by a state official for safety. It takes hours to get a simple burger order, and the staff is entirely kids who haven't been trained on anything and are ignored by the wretched owner. The food is gross, and should be shut down. Third, if you are still willing to put your life in danger, re t one of their boats. This experience will truly give you a near death experience. The board haven't been serviced in decades. Parts are held on with painters tape. The boats are caved in from prior accidents, and you stand a good chance of getting stuck out in the middle of the lake. To top it all off, don't try to talk to the owner. She's on her own planet I like to call Bitchorium. She pretends to not hear your question, ignored you, and ignores the fact that she's running death trap. In short, just keep on driving, there will be some other place down the road.

Brady Hogan

Friday, March 30, 2018
If I could give zero stars I would. Called on spring break weather report is sunny and in the 70s all week. They told me they couldn't rent me a 14 ft aluminum boat because they were afraid it would sink because of the rain. Their service is terrible the lady wouldn't even work with me. I will never rent anything from them again.

Taylor Jorgen

Friday, March 30, 2018
The fat cow of a manager is rude, crass, and has no idea how to run a business. They don't have any boats in the water in spring break for people going fishing. Instead they want to price gouge you into a 23 ft patio boat for only 2 people. They claim its because of the rain but we all know they just want more $$$. Last time I ever go there.

Dave Federline

Friday, March 30, 2018
Worst experience ever. Their prices are outragous and their management sucks. They really need to sell this place and give it to someone who knows how to operate a call them on spring break and they don't have fishing boats on the water!? Bad service.

Boris F

Saturday, July 15, 2017
The afternoon on the lake was nice and the boat was in good condition. However beware, they play with prices at this place. The lady on the desk had explained us the boat rentals and mentioned the price of $125. I agreed, however when I took out the credit card, the price became $165! Oh, this was the morning price and now afternoon. After the boat usage they feel fuel and charge you. Not only the girl on the pier was rude. The fuel station counter presented $9.5. When we came to the office, we were told - $12! "Oh, she probably added fuel later". Bunch of cheaters on the pier.

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